Eqd Arrows Boost


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I haven’t posted anything on this forum in ages, cause I’ve been busy with a lot of projects.

Covid has me laid up for a week, so here we go…

This is my EQD Arrows boost. It’s powered by a 9v battery that charges via USB. One toggle is the bypass, and the smaller cuts the 9V power, so it doesn’t drain power when I’m not using it. As a bonus, if you cut the power while it’s ON, the draining power in the capacitors gives you about 30 seconds before the sound fizzles out and fades to silence. Kind of a cool way to “fade to black.”

I cut a panel to cover the battery, but you’ll see the usb charging port (I still plan on making a cover for the port)

Enclosure: hand built Fender Meteora clone.
- Fralin P90, and a Mojotone gold foil pickup.
- Swamp Ash Body
- Quarter sawn flamed maple neck
- Crelecam Ebony fretboard
- Mosaic Pin inlays
- Champagne Gold Acrylic pickguard with rounded and polished edges
- acid etched brass plates
- acid etched nickel hardware
- a relic finish that got a little out of hand
- coil cut, La cabronita wiring with oil in paper capacitors, and solid brass knobs
- Customized zero fret

Everything made by hand, with the exception of slotting and radiusing the fretboard



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Alan W

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Probable the best looking effects (non)pedal I’ve ever seen! Are the neck position dots the Japanese knife handle rivet ornaments?

Feral Feline

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Epic build!

Love everything about it: pickup choices, name-plaques, neck wood-grain... everything.

Wishing you a speedy recovery.


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That’s very impressive. You haz skillz for sure. I’ve never seen a bridge pickup like that, how does it sound?


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That’s very impressive. You haz skillz for sure. I’ve never seen a bridge pickup like that, how does it sound?
what makes it even more unique, is that pickup is surface mounted. No routing required, just a hole for wiring.

It has a boat load of chime, and even when it’s clean, it almost sounds like it’s approaching breakup. With a fuzz, it sounds pretty fantastic.

I put in a coil cut, and with it cut, it sounds pretty anemic unless it’s behind a fuzz or a good amount of gain. I’ll use the coil cut as 2 gain stages with a fuzz.