I had a conversation with an AI....


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So I was fooling around with ChatGPT and drifted on the subject of building pedals. For fun I ask if it could help me troubleshoot a pedal... Here's the answer:

I'd be happy to help you troubleshoot your effect pedal! Here are a few steps you can take to try and diagnose the problem:
  1. Check the power supply: Make sure that the pedal is receiving the correct amount of power and that the power supply is properly connected.
  2. Check the connections: Make sure all the connections between the components are secure and that there are no loose or broken wires. Also, check the connections between the pedal and the amplifier to ensure that everything is properly plugged in.
  3. Check for obvious damage: Inspect the pedal for any visible damage, such as broken components or cracked circuit boards.
  4. Check the components: Make sure that all the components are properly installed and not damaged. Check that all the potentiometers and switches are working properly.
  5. Check the bypass switch: Make sure the bypass switch is working properly and the pedal is not in bypass mode.
  6. Check the input and output: Make sure the input and output of the pedal are working properly by plugging in a guitar and turning on the pedal.
  7. Check the circuit diagram: If all the above steps do not help, check the circuit diagram against the physical build of the pedal, make sure all the components are correct and in the right place.
  8. Consult with experts: If you are not able to troubleshoot the problem, it may be a good idea to consult with experts or search for more specialized resources for more detailed information.
It's important to note that troubleshooting a pedal can be difficult and time-consuming, and that even with detailed information and knowledge about electronics, sometimes it's hard to figure out the problem, In case you are not able to figure it out, it may be better to seek professional help from a repair shop or an experienced pedal builder.

It's actually impressive !!!
I'm not worried about AI taking my job, however I look forward to AI taking over some of the most mundane tasks I have to deal with. This way it would allow me to focus at what I'm really good at...

However this AI engine is fairly impressive in its ability... one of the fun thing to do is to ask it to write lyrics in a specified style and about a specific subject... lot's a fun...
you mean you didn’t ask it to troubleshoot it for you?
When I ask to do it for me, it responds as follow:

I would be happy to help you troubleshoot your pedal! However, as an AI model, I don't have physical access to your pedal, so I would need some more information from you in order to help.
And then it proceeds to makes steps recommendation, however this time it had a interesting new one:

If you've tried all of the above and the pedal is still not working properly, you can try to contact the manufacturer for further help or you can also seek help from other experienced users on forums or communities such as PedalPCB.

LMAO !!!!
I bought Corel PaintShop pro ultimate for it's AI drawing features. However, my computer is 15 years old, was state of the art then as I built it myself. It takes over ten minutes just to START the corel AI, aye carumba.

In order to upgrade so I can actually run my new software I'm building a new one with this. I'm saving about $2500 by researching and building it, lol...

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The most impressive AI work I have seen is this...

All pictures here are people picture generated, if I remember correctly, through an adversarial network where on AI networks generate an image and another AI network critics it, which for the first AI network to improve it, etc...

It's really hard to believe the quality of "faces" this AI can generate....
That's such a great idea.
Possibly the best use of AI to date.
They sounded like they were written by a teenager, but it’s a start.

Punk Song: Community Improvement

Verse 1:
He's just a boy, with a heart full of hope
He wants to make a change, to help folks cope
With the struggles they face, in this broken town
He'll fight for what's right, and bring the community around

He's on a mission, to make things right
He'll take on the fight, to bring some light
To this dark place, he won't back down
He's the boy who wants to improve his community now

Verse 2:
He's seen the poverty, the hopelessness and despair
He's had enough of it, he won't stand and stare
He'll organize and mobilize, he'll bring the people together
To make this a better place, now and forever

He's on a mission, to make things right
He'll take on the fight, to bring some light
To this dark place, he won't back down
He's the boy who wants to improve his community now

He won't stop until he sees change
He'll fight for the oppressed and the marginalized
He'll be the voice for the voiceless
And bring hope to the hopeless

He's on a mission, to make things right
He'll take on the fight, to bring some light
To this dark place, he won't back down
He's the boy who wants to improve his community now

He's just a boy, but he's making a difference
He's the hope for a brighter future, for this community in existence.

You can get a Klon for cheaper than eggs, but yea, let’s invent a machine that googles things for you and then explains everything it found…that’s exactly what we needed.