Jameco LM308

Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I agree that there is no way they are NOS. Maybe some Chinese manufacturer is trying reproduce them to similar specs as the ones of old? Highly questionable either way, and the fact it was mentioned above that Jameco has sold other fake stuff is enough for me to stay away.

Buuut...just this once I'm going to buy one just to see what they sound like. I can't help myself...just have to know. Yes, I'm bonkers, I know, but at least I know what I'm getting into 🤪

They're probably rebadged OP07
For those with LM308s of questionable provenance - pull the compensation cap.

If it’s a real LM308, it’ll sound broken.

If it’s a rebadged OP07 (as a lot of fake LM308s are), it’ll sound fine (they’ve got built-in compensation caps)
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I bought a few 1n270 GE diodes from them that were real, but most would shatter the second you tried bending the leads
I remember this, they sent me silicon transistors packaged as germanium transistors.

Those glass bodies can be sensitive I’ve had a few do the same!