Jameco LM308

Everything I’ve read (I don’t have an original 308 to do a side by side) says the op07 is just fine and it’s like the old tube screamers with the chip.
LM308N is for the Rat & OP07, different pinout to 4558 which is the favored chip in TS circuits.
I bought an LM308 from Jameco a couple years ago. It has the exact same numbers as an LM308 I got on Ebay a couple years before that--and also a couple photos when I google "LM308" show those numbers. That's suspicious :unsure:

Both work in a rat circuit and sound OK, like OP07 OK. I'd have to sciences it in order to really distinguish a difference. I put it in a DOD250 (adding the cap) and I really like it.

That said, I doubt it's genuine and it certainly doesn't scratch the "I've got a real LM308" itch. Which, in this hobby, is a valid and legit sentiment.
I have one legit LM308 that I have a/b’d against OP07 in my rats and rat-alikes. It’s fun to have a 308 in the pedal, but really truly the OP07 sounds exactly the same. I enjoy grabbing nos parts when I can, so I can sympathize. But yeah who knows what those ics actually are.
I bought 2 lm308s from Jameco about 6 months ago. They are real and arrived fairly quickly. I’ve got one in a PPCB parentheses mini and the other is going to go in sushi box lab rat.
I bought 100 counterfeit TI logic chips from them during lockdown. The ICs had the same smeared TI logo as the ones from Aliexpress.

Since they were for customers' product, I had to rebuy another hundred NOS chips. Waste of time and money.

(Disclosure per Madbean forum guidelines, these are videogame controller adapters. I do not own a pedal company.)
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I bought one of these just now. I've got some op07 on hand and a few other workalikes. I'm gonna go down the rabbit hole and check them all out when this LM308H arrives.
I've procured a few of the Jameco LM308N single opamps and they are indeed genuine. At least, they work in my Rat builds and sound the same when swapping between them and an OP07.

If you have one of those cheap Chinese GM-328 testers, you can use this diagram to verify a genuine 308 . . . .


And for the sake of simple pin-for-pin equivalents, here's a list of opamps that are swappable in their respective pin-outs . . . .

PIN-FOR-PIN Replacements with Slew Rates & Input Types. . . .

Single Op Amp Equivalents:
CA3130 - Slew = 10V/µs; MOSFET (In & Out)
CA3140 - Slew = 9V/µs; FET
LF351N - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
LF356 - Slew = 12V/µs; FET
LM201 - Slew = variable; BJT
LM301 - Slew = variable; BJT
LM308 - Slew = 0.3V/µs; BJT
LM148 - Slew = ~0.5V/µs;BJT
LM4250 - Slew = variable; BJT
LM709 - Slew = 0.25V/µs; BJT
LM741 - Slew = 0.5V/µs; BJT
LM748 - Slew = 0.5V/µs; BJT
MC1439 - Slew = ~6V/µs; BJT
MC33171N - Slew = 2.1V/µs; BJT
MCP601 - Slew = 2.3V/µs; MOSFET (In & Out; 6v MAX)
MCP603 - Slew = 2.3V/µs; FET
MUSES03 - Slew = 35V/µs; FET (very expensive)
NE5534 - Slew = 13V/µs; BJT
NJU7031 - Slew = 3.5V/μs; FET
OP07CP - Slew = 0.3V/µs; BJT
OPA134 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
OPA602 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
OPA1641 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
TL061 - Slew = 3.5V/µs; FET
TL070 - Slew = 18V/µs; FET
TL071 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET

Dual Op Amp Equivalents:
AD712 - Slew = 16V/µs; FET
CA3240 - Slew = 9V/µs; FET
CA3260 - Slew = 10V/µs; FET
LF353 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
LM248 - Slew = ~0.5V/µs;BJT
LM358 - Slew = 0.3V/µs (@ unity); BJT
LM1458 - Slew = 0.5V/µs; BJT
LM2903 - Slew = 1.3V/µs; Diff. Comparator; BJT
LM393 - Slew = 1.3V/µs; Diff. Comparator; BJT
LM4558 - Slew = 1.7V/µs, BJT
LM4559 - Slew = 2V/µs; BJT
LT1490 - Slew = 0.06V/µs; BJT
LM4562 - Slew = ~20V/µs; FET
uPC4570 - Slew = 7V/µs; BJT
LM4580 - Slew = 5V/µs; BJT
LM4562 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
LM4582 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
LM833 - Slew = 7V/µs; BJT
LMV652 - Slew = 3V/µs ~ 0.12 mA; BJT
MAE2741 - Slew = 1.6V/µs; BJT
MC33178 - Slew = 2V/µs; BJT
MCP6002 - Slew = ~0.6V/µs; MOSFET (In & Out; 7v MAX)
NE5532 - Slew = 9V/µs; BJT
NJM022 - Slew = 0.5V/µs; BJT
NJM4560 - Slew = 5.5V/µs; BJT
NJM4565 - Slew = 4V/µs; BJT
NJU7032 - Slew = 3.5V/μs; BJT
OPA1642 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
OPA2107 - Slew > 9V/µs; FET
OPA2134 - Slew = 20V/µs; FET
OPA2604 - Slew = 25V/µs; FET
OP275 - Slew = 22V/µs; FET
RC4559 - Slew = 2V/µs; BJT
JRC2068 - Slew = 6V/µs; BJT
TL022 - Slew = 0.5V/µs ~ 0.13 mA; BJT
TL062 - Slew = 3.5V/µs; FET
TL072 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
TL082 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
TLE2072A - Slew = 38V/µs; FET
TLE2072C - Slew = 45V/µs; FET

Quad Op Amp Equivalents:
LF347 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
LM324 - Slew = 0.5V/µs; BJT
LM348 - Slew = ~0.5V/µs;BJT
LM837 - Slew = 8V/µs; FET
LT1491 - Slew = 0.06V/µs; BJT
OPA1644 - Slew = ~20V/µs; FET
OPA4132 - Slew = ~20V/µs; FET
OPA4134 - Slew = ~20V/µs; FET
NJM4741 - Slew = ~1.6V/µs; BJT
NJU7034 - Slew = 3.5V/μs; BJT
TL074 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
TL084 - Slew = 13V/µs; FET
TL064 - Slew = 3.5V/µs; FET
TLE2074A - Slew = 38V/µs; FET
TLE2074C - Slew = 45V/µs; FET
Thanks for all the feedback everyone. I agree that there is no way they are NOS. Maybe some Chinese manufacturer is trying reproduce them to similar specs as the ones of old? Highly questionable either way, and the fact it was mentioned above that Jameco has sold other fake stuff is enough for me to stay away.

Buuut...just this once I'm going to buy one just to see what they sound like. I can't help myself...just have to know. Yes, I'm bonkers, I know, but at least I know what I'm getting into 🤪