SOLVED Kliche: Strange Issue…


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So I just completed a Kliche build, and is doesnt worn (not surprising). This one is different, though. Firstly, I get bypass…but only if the gain control on the pedal is way up. The volume control controls the volume with the pedal off. When I turn the pedal on, I get almost nothing, unless I crank all controls, and keep the gain at zero. With that, I get a quiet tone. What the hell is going on with this one?


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Kill it with fire!

If you throw populated electronics PCBs on bonfires, caps and several other components burn with a real purdy bunch of colours to 'm when they finally get hot enough to pop.

Tales from a misspent youth at bush parties...


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Update: every now and again, I take this pedal out and see what’s going on. A few weeks ago, I plugged it in, and nothing. However, while poking around inside (with it hooked up), I found that if I twist the footswitch hard to the right, the pedal performed exactly as it should. Then, I found this out too much…when I snapped a wire. Today, I repaired the snap. Still nothing.
The symptoms: with pedal off I get bypass…as long as the gain control is maxed. If the gain control is at min, I get no bypass. If I go from min to about 50% quickly, the signal fades in. Secondly, when engaged, I get no sound…unless I have volume maxed, and the gain at about 8:30. The signal at this setting weak, and clean.
I suspect an issue with the footswitch, or at least the bypass wiring. Does anyone know how the footswitch is wired? I used the special breakout board, and the build doc only shows that in place…


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I was inspired to return to this after this thread:

The state of the pedal when I left it: bypass is fine, but when engaged there is no real gain, and a a fair amount of gating. First thing I did was replace the diodes, since I had since acquired 1n34s. Not too much different, though what gain I am getting is a bit less-gated. Then I modified a dust cap to fit over the dual-gang, and put a piece of tape as insurance between the legs of the pot and the LED bezel. After that I measured the IC voltages. The 1044 was reading pretty low. So I swapped it out. I also switched over to power supply 9v. Now the voltages were fine. Plugged it all in, and it worked fine…until the back plate was installed. A strip of tape on the plate above the jacks later, it was boxed and working 100%.

The verdict: eh. It’s an natural-sounding OD.