Kustom Harmonic Clipper


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What's the most popular version?

I see bits and pieces of the original circuit ripped from the amp, then I see the DIYSB adaptation, and also a comparison to the Astrotone fuzz.


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yeah but I went a'looking into it after your reply and I guess pink jimi photon got butt-hurt about the tone report version so I'd just rather avoid the whole thing and vero it at this point


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hahaha no, bro, i didn't get butthurt like ya may think. i came in on the tail end of it when peeps contacted me to tell me about it. they were more angry than i was. well... until i contacted tone report and they took no responsibility and were kinda douchey. they offered me a "free" advertisement in their publication. i requested a "free" ad for aron nelson's diystompboxes forum, which was what i wanted out of the deal. they never made it right.
the douche who took the circuit gave none of the people involved in developing it an iota of credit, and didn't even have the intelligence to change the circuit slightly. instead they took what we'd worked up on aron's forum verbatim, and posted it with no credit or anything to me or any of the other folks like dino or mark hammer or anyone else, and all of the stuff we'd posted said no commercial use. well, i am probably wrong, but to me? if you're publishing something without permission or attributions in something you're charging people to advertise in, that would constitute commercial use. it was a scummy way to do it. oh well.

that said, if @PedalPCB wants to do a run of boards for it, i'm fine with it, as long as the people who adapted the circuit from the original amp circuit credit where due.


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FWIW, i DID build a bunch of the variations other folks came up with, kula's and a few others including a (i believe) brazillian version, and they all had issues with output volume etc... so i'd go with the suzy q circuit at aron's, rev g was the final. it has input buffering adapted to give a slight boost, and a boost stage dino <digi2t> had come up with, so plenty of balls. that was the version dick wagner liked best and ended up being his overdrive.
the other versions have literally obscene amounts of compression, imho, and the harder you play them, the more squished they get.
the suzy q was designed <ha, if you can call it that> to be run about half way up on the knobs. its a lot more than the original circuit did. good? i dunno. i used to use it every nite on the gig for years, but have moved away from pedals back more to my roots, a les paul and a marshall.
rock on n peace n shit.


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Good to see you around these parts Jimi

The fact a few people protested shows you're well respected in the DIY community

Butt hurt? Haha I reckon it'd probably take a wrecking ball to the head to hurt you, even then you'd probably be straight back on the breadboard

Always enjoy your responses never insulting and always hilarious
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