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Madbean Florist

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
Nice build!

Circuit is completely different from the Sea Horse. Madbean didn't screw-up the filtering like EQD had done on Sea Machine & Space Spiral. The way the PT2399 VCO is hooked up is way off the reservation, but apparently works ok.

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
The delay is shorter on the Florist so it sound like a more like a chorus and less like a reverb. The Florist's filtering is more effective, so it sounds smoother. There are some simple mods to fix the filtering on the Sea Horse. If your LFO ticks, you need to fix that too. Shortening the delay would be major surgery. If you want that, you should probably buy or build a different pedal.

Personally, I'm satisfied with what my Sea Horse does. I consider it to be more of a delay & modulation pedal than a chorus. I have a BBD-based chorus pedal for when I want that liquid swirly sound.


I have one of those that quit working when I put it in the enclosure. Took it back out and did some trouble shooting but couldn't get it working again. Decided I'll come back to it later. Yours sounds great though.