REQUEST MBP Aquaboy Deluxe 1590BB or 125BB

Anyone by chance make one of these already? :)

Edit: I used a 1590BB
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Edit: I used a 1590BB
Ah yes I remember your build report. I was hoping for a tayda drill template :)
Sorry, I'm the "no label" king......:)
I started using my works illustrator license to layout some uv printing. Yea, that wasn’t any fun lol. Sticking with no labels myself. If I really need to I’ll shove a dymo on there. I have however abandoned by rattle can roots and am going more powder coated and the pre drilled is soooo nice.

I ended up with a bunch of old amp and effects boards with a bunch of 3101’s on it. Was the main thing holding me back from putting this together. So figured I might as well now. Though I’ve also got the schutone delay to do as well.