Mosfet Driver

Chuck D. Bones

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OPA2134s are not noisy. This circuit has a lotta gain when DRIVE is dimed, so maybe it's amplifying the noise coming in from your guitar. Is it noisy when you unplug from the input jack?

The "BIAS" trimmers are more like gain trimmers because the bias doesn't change much when you turn them.

Clean, simple build. Love the white plastic washer on the stomp switch!


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This is over a year ago, and this year has felt like 2 years!! lol
I'm pretty sure i would have just adjusted the trimmers by ear. But yea, i've since discovered there is a bit of noise coming from the guitar which needs to be addressed, but it does amplify what i guess would just be the noise floor when the guitar is not connected. Nothing too crazy imo.
And yea it's worst when the drive is dimed, but more than tolerable around noon.