DEMO Neural Seed: A.I. Amp/Pedal Capture on the Terrarium Pedal

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I just finished a project using the Terrarium pedal (powered by the Daisy Seed digital board), which uses neural networks to emulate real amps and pedals. Similar in concept to Kemper/ToneX/NeuralDSP but scaled down to an inexpensive DIY platform (total cost was around $100). The code is open source, if you build the Terrarium (or already have one) you can download the "neuralseed.bin" and upload it to get the same pedal shown in this demo video:

Here's the code and more info on how this works:

To capture your own gear takes minimal coding knowledge, but it's not too bad if you want to learn or already know a little about programming. This info is at the bottom of the Github page linked above. The pedal comes pre-loaded with 11 amp/pedal models, including a TS9, Klone, ENGL amp, 5150, Friedman, (amps must be clean or low gain due to the minimal neural model currently able to run on the Terrarium). Besides the amp and pedal models, controls include input/output levels, wet/dry mix, and 4 band EQ boost.

Wanted to share some of my build experience that might be helpful. There is very little space underneath the Daisy Seed, so make sure your components will fit. I believe the correct capacitor sizes are in the Terrarium build doc, but I just used what I already had and soldered the components that wouldn't fit on the other side (the larger value caps). Also I couldn't fit a socket for the TL072 like I usually do, had to solder directly to the Terrarium PCB. When ordering the Daisy Seed, you have the option of with or without headers, so make sure you have the header included option for a couple extra bucks (unless you really want to do this yourself). The solder pads for the Daisy Seed pins are small and very close together, so really take time on this part and it will save headache later. I hand drilled my own 125B enclosure, so I used wires to connect the pots and switches to allow for some error when I drilled the holes. Probably much easier to use the template or have Tayda drill the holes and use the pcb mount right angle pots.

Edit 2: If I make another one, I'll probably buy these extra headers so I don't have to solder the Daisy Seed directly to the board, also might allow for more space.

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What is this sorcery??

Amazing work @keyth72 - I have a Daisy seed in my inventory but no terrarium PCB. I definitely need to remedy this.
I have a daisy seed and a terrarium pcb, both pf which have been sitting untouched in a box for over a year. I should dig those out sometime, there are some neat projects out there, including this one 😁
Finished assembling a Terrarium last night - and Neural Seed was the first thing I tried. Great fun!
That’s awesome! You’re the first person I’ve heard back from on building it, let me know if you have any suggestions! Planning on improving it, for instance I’m not fully happy with the wet/dry mix, also would like to experiment with different params for the EQ switches.