pedal most similar to SS/BS Mini?


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Which PPCB pedal would be most like the smallsound/bigsound mini?

I'm thinking maybe Benson Preamp? I believe they are both j201 pedals. I'd like to replace my mini with a DIY version. Thanks

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I find it fun to mutate circuits on a given board into something else where most people would say "Just build it on vero" or "You can build it on perf".

For example, I've repurposed a GuitarPCB Red Special (modded ROG May Queen) into a Barbershop after noticing similarities between the two circuits — it came about when wanting to add a tilt-EQ to the Barbershop. While it's not a tilt-EQ on the Red Special, it was a fun twist (you May have to twist some transistor legs around ;) ) to make a Barbershop with rudimentary EQ.

I've got the Chop Shop, but will build it straight up. Might have to order another one, as I've always wanted to build a Mini as well.

Adding a JFET boost onto the front of the Chop Shop may be easier than adding a BJT to the end of the Son of Ben.
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Barbershop is close for low gain stuff, and it does have the voltage control. But the Mini gets into high gain/fuzz territory and the I find the voltage to be more useful. I love both pedals though.

Hoping there is a Mini board in the works.

I’ve heard the Pigtronics Polysaturator aka PolyHog covers similar ground but I have yet to try one.

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Just to clarify, I'm not talking about building something "like" or "close to", but building entire circuits on the backs of other boards.

With my aforementioned Red Special > Barbershop build, I could just bypass the EQ section to make it a full-blown Barbershop clone.

The SS/BS Mini build on the Chop Shop board would be faithful to the Mini's schematic, with all the Mini's inherent high-gain/fuzz territory and voltage there to be misused and abused.