Rat with a 3-band EQ?

Thanks guys, this is good information.

What’re you thinking? A Bax Rat? A pre-gain bass control, post-clipping mid-contour, and a low pass after the output buffer? Or something like a shredmaster with a pre-recovery FMV and a post-recovery mid-contour?
Hadn't given it a lot of in-depth thought, just had the general idea. I thought someone else must have had the same idea, I just haven't run across it. Is the shredmaster based at all on the Rat?
As far as PPCB options go, it'd be a cinch to take the normal muroidea/rat board and remove/jumper the filter; either delete the output or swap it for an internal trim; then run the output of that into the input of the tone job board. That'd give you a 3-band rat. You could probably play with the duncan TSC baxandall EQ values and make the treble control on the tone job behave the same as the filter control on a rat moving ccw from 12:00.
I built Blower Box clone with bass/treble and it's great. It can get very fuzzy and heavy.

The Dunwich Volt Thrower adds clipping options (There's another version with a mid control, which I'd like to see):

Here's a build report using the Effectslayouts PCB.

If you have a Rat already built, I'd look at those pedal schematics, including the Fuzzdog, and take Cybercow's and mdc's advice about splicing in an EQ. I used one of those Tone TwEQ boards on a DOD250

That Ratsaw is interesting. If HM-2 chainsaw isn't your thing, you can change the values of the three active controls to whatever frequencies you want.