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SOLVED Sunflower Fuzz


New member

is it possible the Sunflower Fuzz to work only with a 9v battery without IC and external power supply?
I would like to use the sunflower with PNP 2SB178 transistors.

What changes are required?

Omit C5,C6 and IC
Jumper D1,jumper fron pin 8 to pin 5

Am I missing anything?


Well-known member
If I understand why you are asking the question, it is because you want to build the pedal with PNP transistors instead of NPN.

the general idea of switching a pedal from NPN to PNP is that besides the transistors you also need to change the orientation of the electrolytic capacitors. but it is not that simple, since you also may need to change the values of the resistors for the transistors.


Staff member
Omit C5 and IC1
Jumper D1 and Pins 5/8 of IC1
Install LED backwards

There is no need to reverse any of the capacitors, and C6 can still be used as a filter cap.