Swop shop (PPCB Chop shop)


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I'm still trying out various front end boosts for the impending bass combo build I have in mind. I have modded this one to make the sag control trimmer-based, since I don't really have too much use for this option. So, here's the two knob swop shop in a 1590B, which does well as a clean to moderately dirty boost and sounds good on both bass and guitar.


Our esteemed constituent @Robert sent two of these my way free, gratis, and for nothing. Most generous and much appreciated.

'Swop shop' may not be the most imaginative name I've ever come up with and I've contributed little new to the many build reports on this pedal. But long story short, a fairly easy build which improved my layouting, measuring, and drilling skills in one swell foop. That said, a spectacular bork no doubt lies in wait...