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It's fun. A bit time consuming, but if you consider that I can label many boxes in one day if I don't pull my hair out it's pretty great. No chemicals or paint drying. The tapes are waterproof, uv resistant, and rub proof, but...also visable.
I save all files and can go back to oft used tapes, like the header and footer, or to certain control lettering radii curvatures and re-enter new words. As well as pretty much all images so I mix and match from previously saved designs.
In conjunction to the software, I'll occasionally use pinetools.com to alter, rotate just a hair, Saturate, etc the images I snapped, like that nun above...which was from a movie poster called Nunsploitation. The background was gray not white so I used pinetools to add contrast and it became white, adding more definition.
I also like myfonts.com and have preferred typography companies I favorited that I always go back to for inspiration.
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