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    Carbon black FUZZZZ

    First of all, get some isopropanol and a toothbrush to clean the board after soldering 😊 Squealing with fuzzes based on FF or TB are more the rule in my experience. Once got the advice to add a 47ohm resistor from power to board. Did nothing for me, but might help you. I agree that you have...
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    Tone Vendor mkII :/

    No not really. I’ve since built a few fuzz faces that have worked very well, but that vendor mkii never turned out as I thought or hoped. Sold it for cheap to a friend who didn’t mind, he liked it how it was. Sorry for not being very helpful.
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    Closed circuit booster limiter aka Strøm

    I was hoping it would have a little more headroom to get some compressed cleans, but it doesn’t seem to do that. As a boost into a driven amp/other pedal it seems great and another flavor compared to TS, klon and all the others. I plan to try it as a preamp when I comnect a guitar directly into...
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    King Midas Overdrive humm

    Yeah definitely clean, reflow and then clean again. If there still ain’t nothing happening I’d break out an audio probe to find where the signal is dying in the circuit.
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    SOLVED Serpent Treble Booster

    Feral feline has some great pointers. But since the led doesn’t light up I’d start out with checking power. Is there coming 9v into the circuit? Are you used to using the dmm?
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    Closed circuit booster limiter aka Strøm

    After doing quite a bit of builds on vero recently it was nice to get back to a proper pcb. I always rename the builds to give them a name that makes sense to me and Strøm is the norwegian word for electricity. Due to the SoloDallas’ connection to AC/DC it seemed appropriate. The build came...
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    What was your first PedalPCB build?

    Haha cheers man! 😅
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    What was your first PedalPCB build?

    First was a magnetron delay I got as a kit from It went really well, only mistake was reversing the led. This is a demo I made for friends, I speak norwegian in it so don’t worry about anything I say. Simply sounds like a salesman. Gave it the name Træg, which means slow in...
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    SOLVED Kliche: Strange Issue…

    I feel you man! The first pedal I asked for help with on this forum also had an issue I just could not figure out (a reflow in the end, quite embaressing). Putting something away for a while is always a good idea. Put my twin face aside for months before having another look, it did the trick...
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    First Breadboarding Attempt and... Nothing

    This stuff happens 😅
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    Muzzle won’t power on

    Cleaning, reflowing them clean again would be my recommended first thing to do. If that doesn’t work I’d say it’s audio probe time. How are your skills at reading schematics?
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    A few builds!

    Cheers mate! yeah I know I played with it, but where it wounded up I can’t really remember since it’s been a while. Pretty sure it was always all the way ccw.
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    A few builds!

    Boringly enough it’s just stickers. Think I’m gonna try Taydas UV-printing next time I plan builds.
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    A few builds!

    Thanx man!
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    A few builds!

    Made demovideos of some builds for my friends to check out if they wanna buy them off me. Thought maybe you guys would be interested in checking them out. It’s cool to look at pictures, but in the end it’s about how they sound. Nobleman: Greengage: Twin face: Tommy III and glory hole m800