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Wondering what kind of breadboards you guys use. Is bigger, better for some of the more complex circuits? What's a good way to swap out potentiometers to experiment with? I know shoving the PCB lungs into the board will damage it over time.


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you can solder some 3-gang terminal blocks and a pin header onto stripboard and screw the pots into the blocks. The pin headers will use jumper wires to the BB.

I'd go with a 6 pot setup. The terminal block makes it easy to swap out different pots. I'll work one up if I have the right size blocks.
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It's not soldered, but you get the idea. I offset the rows but you can cut track as well.


I'll size it down, solder it, put some standoffs in it, and it will be ready to go.

Terminal blocks are at Tayda EK500A SKU A-671.
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TIL pot pins will damage the board over time. Good thing I haven't done it to my board very much.

Still hoping the ProtoBoard makes a comeback.

Harry Klippton

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I just solder clipped resistor legs onto the pot legs I wanna use and stick em in the breadboard. Easy to remove if I wanna use those pots later on a pcb. And you can always link together breadboard boards with jumpers if you need more space

Feral Feline

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I grabbed a few tie plates at the hardware store, bent them and drill the holes out to fit pots, jacks, power etc. I have two big boards screwed to a piece of 1x12.

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Looks good.

If you cut slots into the top holes, components slide in/out easily and you don't have to fully unscrew the pot/jack/whatever.
Jacks generally don't get swapped out much (unless you're testing out different jacks), but it's sure handy for comparing pots. Ex taper shootout C50k vs B50k vs A100k...