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Charlie Brown v4 Crickets

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
Twisting the IN and OUT wires together is a definite no-no. Separate the IN & OUT wires between the board and switch and to the jacks.

It is a cool sound though, might make a good ring-tone if it was louder. :p


I did all you said and I try other TL72 and one RC4559 and the noise still there...

Some new ideas?


Well-known member
Are you are getting the noise even with nothing plugged into the input? Do you have a different power supply you could try on this pedal? Some pedals are more sensitive to noise from a supply than others.

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
Or try a battery. Single-ended circuits like this one have pretty poor power supply rejection. There really should have been a resistor in series with D100. Does the cricket noise change if you turn the DRIVE control? If you have an audio probe, try probing IC1-7. There's a 100uF cap (C17) on the output of an opamp, which IMHO is very bad. It should have been on the input side of IC1.2. If you get noise on IC1-7, try removing C17.