Delegate Compressor (Boneyard Edition)


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Do I need another compressor? Um, no. Will I have a super nice compressor when I need one? Ahh, yes indeed.

This is the 4th compressor I've built. They are ranked as following as my most liked.

1. Sheepylove Squishy (CS-2)
2. General Tso (Thorpy FX Fat General)
3. Delegate Compressor (EQD Warden)
4. Byrdhouse Compressor (JangleBox)

To me the General Tso and Delegate are pretty much tied at 2nd. I'm no expert on compressors but these work and sound great. Or they do their job, great, I should say.

I did own the commercial Warden at one time and really liked it. So, this, while not really a super drastic change, makes some great upgrades. Again, I don't know shit about compressors, I just know what sounds good to my ears. And it does indeed sound good. There are a bunch of good build reports on here for more details on this one. I will recommend this one as a solid and versatile compressor.

Easy build. The usual white laser waterslide decal with a couple of clear coats after.


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