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Different circulator versions?

lifted diodes

New member
Hey, I was just looking at starting this circulator build and I’m noticing some discrepancies between my docs and my pcb. I ordered parts based on the docs and I’m wondering what the changes are and what I might find I’m missing as I go? Or if there’s an updated doc somewhere? Looks like the situation with the LED changed and I might be short a couple 1M resistors. Is there anything else? Thanks in advance!


I just got done with a dual led build
That didn’t work; the green side barely come on, would it be worth ordering another or should I invest the time troubleshooting the dual led one?


That's correct, the LFO wasn't producing enough current to drive most 2-color LEDs so the design was changed back to a standard LED.


Staff member
A few people have reported that changing the 2-color LED for a different type improved the brightness.

You might check the specs for the lowest forward voltage drop (and current consumption) you can find.