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For those who knew (of) Cees van Eijk (Skidmark Pedals), I am sad to learn of his passing. Seems his spouse posted the following on his behalf yesterday morning onto his Skidmark Pedal pages on FB . . . .

"Dear fellow pedal people,

If this message gets posted, it means that something went horribly wrong. I've been fighting a nasty lung inflammation for over a decade, but now it seems it has gotten the better of me. I just want to thank each and every one of you for your support over the years. Giving technical assistance on the projects has been a great relieve, and sometimes (for a moment) made me forget that I was seriously ill.

Skidmark Pedals has been a really cool endeavor for me and (sometimes) my daughter Jessie. I (obviously) will not be able to give any support anymore, I reckon I'm now trying to convince Jimy he really needs a Sonomatic

You are all free to use the schematics as posted in the files section, but I would appreciate if you at least would give me some credits. That my designs will live after I have passed, somehow gives me great comfort.

Please remember that your health is the only important thing in life. I'm pretty sure I'm in a better place now. Take care guys, I love you all!

Cees van Eijk"

Cees was a pedal designer in Amsterdam who's following was, while not huge, dedicated and enjoyed his pedal circuit designs. He was alway s more than friendly & helpful to those who asked. Probably his most notorious circuits are his "Sonomatic Deluxe" (4-head delay emulator), "Purple Chorus" (dual chorus), "Tonitrus" (bass OD) and "Equanimity" (Harmonizer tremolo).

I'd built his Echo Machine-X (Ibanez EM-5 delay clone), Sonomatic Deluxe (with some mods) and Purple Chorus pedals. And they are indeed remarkable.

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Cees will be missed. :cry:
Dang - those are some awesome looking pedals and boards. Is the family still selling any? I'd love to support them.
I don't think so. There are no responses from his FB page and his Reverb account says he's "AWAY". I'm trying to find one of his "Dirty Shally" boards.
The Purple is a truly remarkable chorus, worth every bit of space it takes up.

I traded mine off last week due to being flush with pedals in general, but I plan to incorporate some of Cees’ mods into future builds.