Just curious: 125B vs 1590B?


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I'm torn between using 1590B cases w/side-mount jacks vs 125B with top-mount. The 125B would be narrower and offer more internal space, but there's something I love about 1590Bs.
I just saw the 1590B with top-mounts, and looks like the best of both worlds - just looks like a TIGHT fit.

I'm curious to know if anyone still chooses a 1590B over a 125B, and why?
I build 1590B with side jacks any time I can. I get the popularity of 125B with top but it’s just personal preference. The 1590B size looks “right” to me. The side jacks feel less crowded with the power.

I even buy PPCB boards and use wire to attach the pots so I can shift the pcb up for 1590B with side jacks.
I prefer 1590B.

- 125b is too tall. With my heal on the ground the shorter one is easier to click.

- my foot with no shoes is more than 100mm wide, just my big toe is 36mm. With shoe on it's more like 120-125mm. The pitch between 2 single switch 125b with top jacks is about 65-70mm. The pitch between 2 1590b with side jacks and low profile cable is about 80mm.

The 1590B wins. It's just right.
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I've built a 1590B with top jacks. Even if you can get it all squeezed in, hooking the pedal up with patch cables and power cord is cumbersome. You won't be able to use pancake style patch cables. To me it looks janky.

I like 1590B better than 125B as a stand alone, but if you want to squeeze the most amount of pedals on your board, 125B with top jacks is what you want.
1590B with top mounts isn't too hard honestly. I just have a stencil for the top. Gotta think about your capacitor clearance and use the 2.1mm DC jack. I hand drill all mine too.

if I can do it, you can too!