Malificent Mids - A magnificent pain


Wanted a new booster on my board. This does the job splendid, a good healthy mid boost to cut through! Happy with how it sounds and looks!

This pedal was a pain in my ass! Not the project in particular, or getting it into the 1590B. Tested out of the box, worked great. Put it in the box, very weak output, a bit buzzy too. Took it out to troubleshoot, worked great. Put it back, weak. Spent a couple of days trying to figure it out. Found that when I tightened pots/switches to a certain point it would cut out. Hmmm. I pulled this S.o.B. in and out of the box so many times, tried swapping pots, switches, reflowed every joint, rewired the whole thing after wires frayed. Nothing made it work though when it was tightening down in the box.

The problem? The electrical tape I used to insulate the dual gang pot had a spec of solder stuck to it and was shorting something against the board. I folded piece of paper to insulate the dual gang from the board and the problem cleared up and the whole pedal is less noisy. You can see the edge of the paper sticking out the left side of the board a little bit.

Not my cleanest build after being reworked to death but I'm very happy that it works!!

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That looks really clean indeed especially after all the ripping in and out and swearing going on....!
Well done for persevering and finding that bugger.