SOLVED Parentheses Ground Hum


I'm somewhat new at this so please forgive me if this is just a n00b mistake. The Pedal seems to work as expected, I just get a fair amount of hum when the effect is switched off that isn't present when the pedal is removed from the signal chain.

Does anything look goofed here? Am I not grounded properly?

I have electrical tape on the pots that sit underneath the board.

Bottom of Board.jpg Top of Board.jpg


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Those plastic jacks aren’t grounding to the enclosure. Try running a wire from the in/out jacks grounds and wrap it around your 9v jack so when it tightens it grounds to the enclosure.


Update: I replaced the jacks with metal ones, and the hum appears to be resolved- but in the process I accidentally connected the left hand power wire to the wrong connector on the DC jack and it was getting no power. I put the wire on the right connector and now I'm just getting this super odd output that I wasn't getting before. When I shot this video I didn't have the pots secured to the enclosure, and once I did that I was able to get somewhat much more intelligible sounds through the pedal- but something still seems quite goofy. Do I have anything on here backwards?

Back of Board.jpg