Sproing in FX loop

Mike McLane

Active member
I want to pair a Sproing with SushiboxFX's Particle Accelerator. I know it was designed to go in front of the amp and maybe there's not much difference in the sound btw pre & post preamp, BUT if a feller were to place it post preamp (non-buffered loop) does the Sproing have the headroom to accept the hotter signal?
If not, it wouldn’t be too hard to whip up an FX Loop buffer/level matcher with a dual opamp.
First op amp to take the send and either use it to buffer and attenuate a line level loop to instrument level, then the second op amp to raise the level back up to line level for going back into the return
OR use the first stage to boost an instrument level loop to use line level fx, and second stage to buffer/attenuate to instrument level for the return.