Stagecoach Overdrive


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This is aimed at the British Marshall camp with Blues Breaker all the way to Marshall Crunch & Dumblesque tones!
It has 2 clipping stages & a 3 Voice like toggle switch.
The only thing I changed was the B50K Volume pot by design for A50K pot, unity was at 9.00 O'clock if 7 is fully C.C.W!!!
It is more user friendly now at 12.00 O'clock!
Cool Pedal & Great layout!
StageCoach Overdrive Custom Pedal 1.jpg
StageCoach Overdrive Custom Pedal 2.jpg
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Closest I got was 3.0 vf [edit:0.30] I ain't no Joe Bonermassage player or anything, but this is a pretty effing great circuit, I have to say.

I also built the m800, and I'm really enjoying the marshall amp pedals
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