[WIP] PedalPCB SideEffect Relay Bypass Module

Another option would be pairing an EQ with any dirt. The order flexibility would be useful, and a solid EQ (graphic or parametric) is such a simple and impactful way to voice distortion/OD.
This is very cool! I think the momentary function on the VIIB board is really perfect and this gives that option for a lot more builds.

Will switch pop be a concern for high gain circuits activated on the momentary side? I'm thinking about the differences between true-bypass and buffered modes in the VIIB.
Absolutely. One of my first personal projects will be some form of dirt with a switchable one band EQ in front to boost the midrange through the roof.

Maybe a Mercurial Boost?? Seems an ideal way to put an otherwise unused pedal into action.

I just discovered this thread. Pumped!

For combination ideas: I love putting a sub-octave in with a fuzz. Imagine pairing a Captain Bit with a Bayonet Fuzz? (Or Corduroy Fuzz, or pick-your-favorite.)

Also love throwing in auto-wah effects where they don't belong. Phaser + Distortion is always a favorite combo.

Possibilities = endless. People are already thinking about putting 2 Salvager 9k relay bypass modules in one box, I'm so sure.
Hmm Use the second relay to control switching between two pots — as mentioned earlier, delay feedback, reverb swells, spiky-trebly breakdowns on bass, "AM-Radio" EQ on intros outros...

I'd forgotten about this little MUST-HAVE.
Very cool! Is the switching of the relays done via the 2n3904? Or are these for switching the LED? The 2n3904 don't seem to be used on the through-hole version?
And why two big caps? One before and one after the voltage regulator?

As you can tell I'm very interested in learning more about the circuit 🙂