4 Tap DC Converter/Isolator Mockup Pedal - Arriving Soon!

One thing that just occurred to me— this could be great for powering a small headphone rig (headphones amp, cab sim and AIAB or just a Sansamp/emu, fv-1 multieffect, fuzz) for road-tripping. Power it with a cigarette lighter port or a cheap power inverter and jam out from the side of the road or the backseat at a rest stop.

I'd tap that.

I waited for somebody else to say it, but I could resist no longer.
I just wanted to second pnggolf22's request for the parts list (or the documentation pdf) for the 4 Tap DC Converter/Isolator, that would be extremely helpful. Thanks!
I love random utility boards. I am looking forward to this. I like to do small boards with just 1590a boxes and this will be perfect to run them and keep it nice and tidy. Looking forward to the parts list as well.