Clip art


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So since i have been playing with illustrator this past week i learned i need to find a good source for clip art. I dont mind paying for it if its quality stuff i am just not sure where to source stuff like that. I am in a new realm for me and am looking for suggestions. Trying to scavenge and hope i find something is for the birds.
thanks guys.
I bought some credits at VectorStock a while back. Most things are typically only 1-2 credits. Sometimes I'll grab a few things from there as I work out ideas and I'll smoosh things together or take part of something and attach my own bits, etc. It's much nicer to have things already in vector format to start with.
If you are using Adobe, try Adobe Firefly. It is the AI image generator. I have used it for some pedals. Other times, it has just been an inspiration point. I think it may also be free, but double check.