Does the Haarp do random?


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I just built the Haarp pedal. It seems to be working great. The patterns seem different from the Arpanoid though. Is that just how it is supposed to work? Settings 1-5 are in major key with different note patterns. Settings 6-8 are in minor key with different note patterns. They are all fixed and repeating -- none of them are random. They seem all different from the Arpanoid patterns, which has the following according to EQD:
  1. Major: -1 octave to root.
  2. Major: root to +1 octave.
  3. Major: -1 octave through +1
  4. Major: Random pattern
  5. Minor: -1 octave to root.
  6. Minor: root to +1 octave.
  7. Minor: -1 octave through +1
  8. Minor: Random pattern
Is that just normal that the patterns on the Haarp are totally different and there is no random mode? It's fun to play with existing patterns but I just wanted to check and see if I did something wrong because random would be pretty useful. What a crazy, weird, pedal. :LOL:


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Completely normal, the HAARP doesn't use the algorithms from the Arpanoid.

The "random" patterns in the Arpanoid aren't actually random... they're predefined repeating steps.