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This one is their take on the DOD FX91 bass od. Evidently there's a cult following that I was previously unaware of. At one point I was a bit of a snob and would've never touched this circuit. I was gifted a dod envelope filter that I didn't like 20 years ago which tainted the brand for me. Thankfully I've since gotten over myself a little and am a regular meatbox user. Of the 4 authentic pedals on my pedalboard 2 are DOD so this is right at home here these days. For the curious, the others are a rubberneck delay, radial bassbone, and ehx H.O.G.

It's a very tasty bass dirt with a few interesting features. The most unique detail is that while there is a clean blend, the tone control effects both wet and dry so dry isn't exactly dry dry. To my ears, this makes more of the range of the pot useful. Sometimes when rolling off highs on a dirtbox with a clean blend, it can sound like the 2 things exist in 2 separate universes. The Hot Bod's tone pot, while somewhat limited in range, sounds more cohesive through out. I have mostly been comparing it with the GCI N.E.W. Bass O.D. and this is a reason to favor the Hot Bod.

I do happen to favor the GCI over all but only because I think that it excels at lighter gain settings more. If I intended to set the gain higher I would have more difficulty choosing between the two.

Screenshot_20231110_175600_Gallery.jpg Screenshot_20231110_175627_Gallery.jpg
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That graphic looks super rad with those orange knobs!

Thanks for the write-up also: I'm always interested to read about your bass pedal chains and circuit comparisons.
I've been trying to use those knobs forever. I snagged them because I hate the orange you usually see used for plastic knobs. Even though these aren't "safety vest orange" they kind of clashed with a lot of things anyway.
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I love those orange knobs!

I do see that they are Orange Amps' orange and could be difficult to implement, but against the graphic's blue and rust-orange they look fantastic.

A very succinct and quality build report, with insight into your regular board (as a budding bass-player of particular interest to me), and particularly addressing that clean-blend sitting-on-top issue that opponents of clean-blends like to point out. Makes sense that the EQ-Rug would tie the Room together. I don't have the GCI stuff apart from the Brutalist, but if ever I catch up a little on builds, I'll look into the N.E.W. Bass OD.

DIY-DOD-wise, have you built, or are you going to build, yourself a Meatbox clone?
I have a soysauce that only passes dry signal at the moment so.... yes/no. It's in the "troubleshoot hopefuls box." ☺️ when I own an authentic box, priority is admittedly low.