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One of my favorite recordings is Are You Experienced of course by The Jimi Hendrix Experience. This pedal is named for the song Voodoo Chile. The entire album was a ground-breaking “experience” for me, and recently, I was gifted a pcb containing a bit of ‘Jimojo’, so a huge thank you @Chuck D. Bones , @cooder , and @jjjimi84 !
The build doc, schematic, discussion, and board creation can be found -> here <- (well, not really there, but clicking there, not here, will take you there, not here. Got it? Well I certainly hope so.

The build was really interesting and went smoothly with plenty of breaks 😎. I think the last one resulted in my drilling the LED port on the wrong side, but being I’m left-handed it was a groovy goof, and…what’s a bit of wire between two nodes? 😉

I am still exploring this pedal because there are so many possibilities with the controls, and I’ve not had much string time since finishing it. What I HAVE heard though, I really like! 🤩 Definitely some Jimi coming through !

The enclosure, knobs, dress nut, pot condoms, and OB wire are all Purple Haze. The lettering is an illusion, but I may try to make it real.




Thanks for looking. 🙂

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Awesome work! So about getting one of those boards…

Beautiful build @fig and great job with the pcb @cooder! Looking forward to being able to build this project myself.

aside from wishing it were true, is there a way to get one of these magic boards?

Ditto That!

+1 for a board.

Flanger, my favourite.
In the works! ;) I'm schmoozing...