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Finally got myself a tube tester.


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Ah geez chong. You know you're in it for the long haul when you start getting hardcore stuff like this. Jealous, but am in the process of downsizing so I'm trying to have LESS stuff. Not as easy as it sounds.


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So far I have tested some new 12AX7s and 6V6 tubes and it worked great. I haven't tried any older tubes yet


Awesome you will enjoy building it! Just be forewarned of the rabbit hole that awaits you.
Appreciate the heads up, I’m sure it can be highly addictive.
The way I see it is if this helps me learn about how amps operate then it will eventually give me the skills to fix my own gear (I’m 3 hours from any good amp tech)...maybe I can sell a couple too (if I can build a better replacement for much less). Gives me something to do as well.....wife probably won’t be happy though 😂.
Looking forward to seeing the results of your Marshall build!


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Check the voltage and meter readings on the tube tester with a VOM. I find that some parts inside the meter do not age very well and it might need to be padded externally to make it accurate. The resistors inside the meter can usually be compensated for on the back of the meter.

That is a very nice emission set from 1948. The few resistors and one cap which always be replaced.

Nice find.

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