MBP Total Recall


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I probably don’t have to tell you who talked me into this build then helped me out of it as well, definitely a challenging build from how tight of a fit it is in a 1590BB2 to calibration.
I did manage to do some mods on this build: omitted R31 to remove the gating on the repeats for a more natural decay, used a 220k instead of 100k in R2 because all I own are hot humbuckers and this made the full range of volume on my guitars usable. And lastly I swapped out the B10k blend for an A10k this was much more to my liking.
All in all a very cool delay that is just a different animal if all you have ever played was digital delays like me. Every control has a lot of authority over the tone shaping, not a cheap or easy build but a good one to have under the belt.
7B3260FC-0B65-4FE7-A665-294BB24C6565.jpeg 076BE277-A031-4E2F-B7C8-B315007E4667.jpeg
Great build love the artwork and the knobs! I used those on my spiritbox
I’m pretty happy with how it turned out, Although I was on the fence with the knobs I wasn’t sure if I could get the color on the artwork close enough to match but it worked out.