Open vs closed frame jacks


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Another silly question, if I have a jack that's slightly touching the side of the enclosure (the round area up on top of the jack is pressing against the screw area of the enclosure), would covering that part of the enclosure in electrical tape or something like that prevent shorts? Obviously it's not a habit I'm trying to get into, but in a pinch, I'm wondering if it will work.

It should. Shrink tubing that has glue might be a slightly more durable solution as well.

I like closed frames because positioning open frame jacks so that they don't short against the enclosure personally seems like it "takes up" more real estate (or more valuable real estate) than a closed frame jack. I've convinced myself that's true whether or not it actually is. I personally like use the locking teeth ones from stompbox parts linked a few replies up or the similar Tayda with an added lock washer, or 6 pin switched TRS jacks.

As always though, @Chuck D. Bones is right and it's always nice to have different varieties on hand for when a build needs something different.