Parentheses Mini, redux

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I had previously built a life pedal but it never quite worked correctly, the boost had an odd delay before kicking in. It sounded amazing, but the boost bothered me. So I attempted to repair it, broke a pad and somehow solder leaked to a tiny scratch which shorted the signal to ground in a couple places after I reflowed some joints. So I called it quits on that board and ordered a new one.

For this build I reused most parts (pots, ge diodes, jacks, etc). The case is Tayda’s hammered copper finish and I love it. I went with all black hardware except for the boost level knob and switch. The bypass LED is white while the boost’s is yellow to match its gold motif. No major surprises with this one except for a broken footswitch and a strange flickering of the boost LED if I tighten some nuts too tight. Oh well!

Sounds awesome and I’m happy.


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