Pot and Kettle Schematic

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Alan W

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I’ve been enjoying this immensely the past week, and am curious about the interaction between the gain stages. Is there a schematic available for this design? At 18v, it has usurped at least one pedal (and possibly two!—must wait for extended honeymoon to see) from my drive section, which is all variations on low gain, ”clean” boosts.
I haven’t played through either of those (well, maybe a Bluesbreaker at some point, given how long they’ve been around) but I’d be surprised if they managed to have the clean headroom that this has. I find using the presence to dial in the mid and higher freq. “clarity” and the boost to add clarity to the bass, I’m able to get what I’m after really fast. Since I seem to be building a number of low gain, clean boosts, I suppose a Morning Glory is going to get added to the queue.

I do like the feel of playing it with the boost off, it’s very similar at that point to the Chop Shop, (more in feel; sound is also very similar until the Chop Shop starts to push, and then it has a more graceful, or possibly more soulful, breakup than the Pot and Kettle.)

I wasn’t expecting to like the P&K as much as I do!
Yes! Let me know what you think! After 10 days my lust has dimmed, slightly, but I think it’s going to be on my board for awhile. (“Awhile” used to mean “for years” but given the rate I’m building low gain boost/drives, it may mean “months” now.😉)
I really wanted to swap the pot and kettle for the paragon that's on my board, since I only use one side but I just couldn't get the p&k to do the thing I like. Then it dawned on me this morning that my paragon has the charge pump and the p&k doesn't, so I'll see where that gets me
It’s all so damn “what guitar into what amp, with what other pedals?” And even more basically, how much gain is being used. I’ve pretty much given up listening to demos, etc., to try and figure out what a given pedal plays/feels like. Interested in your thoughts at 18v.
@Alan W I'm just getting to this now but wow yeah this is the solution I was looking for. I'll probably add a charge pump to my pot and kettle and take the paragon off my board
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