Psychological help center for DSO2x1x buyers


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This thing sounds great on paper : better specs than the loved DS05102P for cheaper price.
Maybe about to become the new hobbyists best friend for years to come.

But... there's no sign of this product on Hantek's sites, and shippings are delayed, again and again.
Some say it's because of the pandemic restraining Chinese exportation.
Some say it is for now Chinese market only and wont be exported before mid 2021, or even later.
Some say it wont ever be exported at all.
Some say it may not even exist. Really.

People waiting for it may get anxious, depressed, paranoid... and, knowing how Hantek can be great at delivering bugged devices, our nerves may be rocked a while after having finally received this stuff. So if there are others concerned buyers around here, let's help each others for psychological relief.

This video just helped me a lot... at least we know it exists and have been shipped to some lucky western guys.

Hope for the future, at some point we may be able to hack this crap and crank up its capacities like many did with their DS05102P.
That's the beauty of Chinese products bridled with weak/bugged softwares...
Be strong, take care.


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Oh boy... that's great news ! Thanks a lot !
What we had so far was someone saying on a forum he asked Hantek if it was a real product, and declaring their response was "yes it is".
But no more doubts, now we got Hantek's official advertising at its best.

"... for various fields such as communication, aerospace, national defense, embedded systems, computers, research and education."

It also makes coffee at the Pentagon ? I'm in ! :ROFLMAO:

Something that nice would be wasted on me ;-)

On me too, but I can't help myself. ^^'
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It appears the DSO2D10 I've ordered has been "sterilized and shipped" today. Sounds again like delays are just a matter of export limitations because of Covid, maybe slow production too, but not because of distribution restricted to China.


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I recently got a DSO4102C. Still learning everything it can do, but it's pretty cool and it has a built-in waveform generator that has been extremely useful!


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I use a Hantek 2000. 2 channel scope, wave gen. and DMM. It has limitations (namely bandwidth), but seems to work great for small signal stuff.


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For what purpose do you use your scopes when it comes to pedals ?

So far I'm planning to use it for...
- Checking capacitors polarity for noise limitation
- Debugging (waveform generator is great for that indeed)
- Curve tracing transistors and diodes for comparisons
- Having fun watching modified waveforms and spectrum analysis

Maybe do I miss some other interesting uses ?
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Debugging for sure. I rarely use an audio probe when I have the scope. The scope will show ultrasonic oscillations that only a dog would hear.
Curve tracing, check.
Fun watching waveforms and spectrum analysis, check. It is interesting to listen while watching the harmonics on the spectrum plot. Very useful for setting the sweep on distortion and tone controls.
The other thing I do with the scope is sanity-check my circuit simulations.


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I have received it. :)

So far it looks OK.
Apparent finish is fine, glowing buttons are nice. Overall button and pot's quality feels cheap but it's expected considering the price, and they do work.
The auto set works good, no bug there like there used to be with DS05102P's first firmware. It feels a bit slow but all in all this function is way faster than manual set. I guess this new line profits of Hantek's experience with the DS05102P, the interface looks the same in functionality, is nicer in appearance IMO, the screen looks good and is easy to read. I feel it's in fact a DS05102P with some more memory and definition.

Wave generator is OK too. A bit frustrating as it produces 25Mhz signals max, so I can't test how good it works up to 100Mhz, but it gives at least a good tool for debugging.

I've tested some capacitors to compare their noise ratio, but it didn't give obvious results. Maybe because of their quality, I don't know, ain't got enough different caps to be sure. Being able to have divisions small as 2mV should be perfect for this task, in theory it should be good. If reading keeps being too subtle I'll have to build a tester to make that job easier. Like here :