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Quarantine Fuzz


Trying to make heads and tails of this; should I put the components facing up so the sweet silkscreen on the back shines through and you see that from the back of the pedal, or just build like normal with the components facing down? I'm thinking silkscreen face up

Chuck D. Bones

Well-known member
I'm thinking this belongs framed on a wall, not in a box on the floor. I'd put the parts on the silkscreen side, you'll still see the pattern. Maybe wire the pots remotely so they're out of the way. It's an art project!


That's a good idea! My original idea was to throw a clear backing on the enclosure but the more I look at the photos the more I'm thinking one of those clear plastic hammond enclosures possibly. They do seem brittle, though...nothing I'd want to stomp on regularly or drag to gigs, but instead gaze at while shoegazing at home


Staff member
The board is designed for the components to go on the opposite side, along with the pots. (It'll require long pin pots)
When you remove the enclosure lid the silkscreen will be facing you... similar to a Beetronics pedal.

I've wanted to do an "artsy" PCB like this for a while, so there will be others.


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The circuit changed since the pic above.

It's basically a Muffin with LEDs for clipping diodes in the first stage. (Positioned in the eyes of the graphic)
When will the build documents be updated to reflect these changes?


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I bought mine yesterday using the memorial discount along with with a number of other pcb's. It reminds me of a badge you would get at Defcon.

Wear it around your neck.

Guitar, Q-Fuzz and Pignose.



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I couldn't resist the sale xD I still haven't got my boards from the other one a couple of weeks ago ! Plus I got a OSHpark run of my own prototype comming in.... And I am restarting work next week! Gonna have plenty to keep me busy :D