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Was cleaning up the workbench and realized I had some parts for a little speaker cable that I had forgotten about. Whipped up a quick ~6” speaker cable to connect my mini head up to my 1x8 cab I made back in high school. First time using techflex on a cable and it came out pretty well— given the way these Neutrik plug work, it’s incredibly difficult to get the slack out of the techflex, so there are some minor herniations, but it is just a speaker cable after all— doesn’t need to be gorgeous



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The Glendhu Bay campground fire truck. One of my favourite campgrounds.
I first thought it was part of the children's playground equipment as it was parked right beside it, as you can see in background.

But no, this is New Zealand, of course.
This is the little truck that could, maybe, or should, or we make do with it, if the bbq gets out of hand and there's a raging fire.
I feel so much safer.


If nothing it will be at least a good laugh and fun fun fun to see it in action while the ladies toilet block burns down.

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We had similar firetrucks and ambulances on the little island I lived on in HK. No regular cars allowed, just those and VVs (village vehicles, little open cab trucks.


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My daughter sent me this. She gets me.

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Aren't they always?

I once drank pabst on stage while performing Die Fledermaus. The orchestra was bigger than the pit in our hall so they set us up in a stage nook off to the right along with the timpanist hidden behind a black screen. Pop the top in time with the percussionists and you were good to go. Had to entertain ourselves somehow with that much waltz going on. I've always wondered if anyone in the audience heard it or worse... smelled the burps.