Scenario Preamp (Cornerstone Gladio SC)


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Scenario Preamp

What is it...

At it's heart, the Scenario Preamp is a Timmy variant with a buffered input that drives the clean blend and soft-clipping stages in parallel. The soft-clipping arrangement is slightly different from the Timmy and it uses buffered Vref supplies. Is all of that necessary? I don't know. I got caught up in the hype to some degree. I think it was @MichaelW that said this was one of his preferred D-style pedals. Let's talk about that for a minute, shall we?

If anyone claims that they make a pedal that perfectly mimics an amplifier, be weary. The words Dumble or D-Style seems to be the latest in a long lineage of hype words that pedal manufacturers use to sell pedals that may sound similar to, but quite frankly, will never feel like the real deal. I've learned to adjust my expectations and try to enjoy these types of pedals for what they are, tone shaping tools.

None. I built this one stock to PedalPCB's build doc. Yes, some boards have build docs. Y'all give @Robert a break...

It sounds pretty good. I have a couple other builds that I enjoyed a lot more, but it's decent. Being a Timmy variant, I was a bit surprised by it's lower-than-expected gain range, but it will still be useful in some situations. The clean blend is interesting and I plan to spend a bit more time figuring out the right situation to use this in.

Matte black sand 125B from Tayda. Tayda handled the UV printing as well (double white, gloss varnish).

I rated this build at 5 stars because @Robert designs great boards. This one was an easy build.


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Crisp & Clean with clear legible labelling.
Add in subtle graphic-cues that enhance, not distract, and you have another fantastic build and report.