What are you listening to?


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A little late to the game but Sunny Day Real Estate, Jeremy Enigk solo stuff, Tool, ISIS, Stealy Dan, The Beatles, Pelican and Russian Circles with a little Sleep and High On Fire to top it off. :)

Jovi Bon Kenobi

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First off, I just saw this and wanted to say thanks for this thread. The recommendations are really diverse and it's nice to hear some new artists that I hadn't heard of before. My usual music taste changes like the wind but I always go back to tried and true like (in no particular order) Burrito Brothers, Big Star, Flying Nun & Stiff Records, dirty 60s/70s psych, post Roxy Eno, really love Cate Le Bon for a newer artist...

Not trying to emotionally dump on you all, especially considering what we are all collectively suffering through, some worse than others. For context, my wife and I lost our jobs in March and our careers are dead/upended/on hold, so in all the down time and isolation I've found comfort in introspective or aurally tactile and moving pieces, regardless of it's intention...like these two acapella pieces that just give me tinglies for how they convey the beauty of the human spirit:
Melanesian choir
My friend's LA based resistance themed community chorus
https://soundcloud.com/communitychorus%2Fvote-vote-vote-mstr-102220-final Or Arthur Russell
Or Townes Van Zandt

Just had a few beers so apologies for being rambly/emo. Carry on :)
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I love old Japanese psych rock
I've recently discovered Les Rallizes Dénudés and really digging them, but as far as more contemporary Japanese experimental/psych goes, Boris and Kikagaku Moyo are both amazing.

I was lucky enough to see Kikagaku Moyo in Sydney in March just before the lockdown started here in Australia, the were so good live.


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I'm not familiar with the other two but I love that shinki chen record

Do yourself a favour and get the Far Out album and first two Far East Family Band albums. They took a turn for the synth/space/Klaus Schulze with the album Parallel Worlds but everything up to that is amazing psych rock.

And yeah Boris is fantastic, I was supposed to see Kikagaku Moyo here as well haha