What's on the workbench?


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It was necessary for this one..... You'll thank me later. :ROFLMAO:
If it's for a momentary latching feature...

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Back to the pedal in question...

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This is the PedalPCB VIIB, a project inspired by the Boss VB-2.

The controls are Rate, Depth, and Rise Time.

What happened to the mode switch, you ask? Where we're going we don't need "mode switches" ... All three modes (plus an additional True-Bypass mode) are available with a single footswitch. No need for a rotary, no need for a second footswitch.

This has an integrated customized version of the Intelligent Relay Bypass system. Tap the footswitch to activate/bypass, or hold the footswitch for momentary mode.

There are two modes of switching, True-Bypass or Classic.

True-Bypass mode behaves as you would expect. When the vibrato effect is not active the entire circuit is bypassed by the onboard relay. The LED glows red when the effect is active, or turns off when the effect is bypassed.

Classic mode behaves like the original, when the effect is bypassed the BBD circuit is still active but the LFO is stopped. This is useful for dead silent switching. The LED glows red when the effect is active, or glows blue when the effect is in "soft" bypass.

The switching mode can be changed by holding down the footswitch while power is applied.

No unobtainium components (BA634 / BA662) are required, everything is currently in production and available at the usual sources. (Possibly with the exception of the V3207D and V3102D currently, because of the global chip crisis)

VIIB-5.jpg 1623337553328.png
VIIB-3.png VIIB-1.png VIIB-2.png
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