XR2206CP Sources

I've looked at those a few times too. Next time I order from Jameco I plan to pop one in the cart and see. I don't see them at Cabintech, but Retroamplis has some.
Banzai used to have good stock. Not sure if that's still the case.

Also, has some luck with pulling the 2206s out of some of those function generator kits on Amazon
I guess the question is which builds. Some don't need them exclusively.
Death by Audio Echo Dream 2 clones (both the fuzz dog and Moon build docs state they're required).

Fuzzdog almost always suggests alternatives for difficult to source components in his build docs if it doesn't effect the sound much, but he didn't this time which led me to believe the this chip is imperative
Gotcha. I got mine here in 2022 when I built mine:
Looks like he doesn't sell to US customers, but I already ordered from that dude a linked above. I'll let you guys know how it works out
Ok, haven’t tried them out yet, but super fast shipping and the packaging makes me feel these are legit (definitely not just a Chinese stamp on a fake chip). Again, will keep you posted once I complete the build

I was in the same boat. I found these on AliExpress:

Almost certainly fake but there are lots of 5 star reviews (Likely also fake) but it's cheap enough that I figured I'd give it a try. Hasn't shown up yet but I can report back on how it goes.

I am surprised to report that these probably fake ICs from AliExpress seemed to work just fine in my Echo Dream II build. Here's my build report!