Help me decide which compressor to build…

I've built a lot of compressors, and I think it comes down to which style you like best. There's no real way to know that until you try a bunch. My favorite from this site so far is the Creamery. It feels really nice to play and I can't explain exactly why
Late to the party, but I'll throw in these thoughts...

A flathead screwdriver can cut deep like a knife or shiv, makes a pretty good cattle-prod, I've even used one as a hammer... but it still works best at what it was designed for, driving flathead screws.

Can confirm the effectiveness of flathead screwdriver as a cutting tool. Led to generous application of compression on my left hand one time. 😂
Before Phasers, I built tons of compressors. They all have their own attributes, it's really about what you're looking for. The one that ultimately lived on my board was a soul preacher nano. It was awesome for what I needed as a bass player.
That's awesome to hear! Compressors are such versatile tools, each with its own character and utility. The Soul Preacher Nano sounds like a gem, especially for bass. Finding the right compressor that complements your playing style and gear setup can really make a difference. It's all about dialing in that perfect balance of dynamics and sustain. Rock on with that Soul Preacher Nano.
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I like the aion version of the engineer's thumb. Quiet, works well, not hard to use. Not the absolute best, but it works.
I've built quite a few. The General Tso has been on my board since the day I bought it a year ago. Not a ton of squished compression but like most have said, it does lovely things to my sound.

For more squish, the Trash Compactor from MBP is awesome. Unfortunately that shop is still beyond depleted from the Christmas blow out.......I know I grabbed a ton of boards during that time.

Recently built the Aion Meridian and that's another one that will be on my board for a LONG time. Wow, just love what that does to my overdrives. Amazing clear boost to my signal and being able to drive even/odd harmonics for solos makes my guitar scream! Just sounds simply gorgeous.

I mainly use compressors to even out my notes, so everything has the same volume. Great for solos or picking riffs so every note stands out. I know alot of people say they can't tell what a compressor does and that's pretty much it in a nutshell/enclosure.
General Tso is perhaps my favorite pedal I’ve ever built. I can’t recommend that one highly enough!

I would like to try the Kompromat too though. I really like the Barber to begin with.
Hi Guys,
What are the key factors you're considering when choosing which compressor to build, such as budget, intended use, size constraints, or desired features?