I need a good first tube project

Hey I searched for OEI and found this. Apparently Heyboer made them and they can do a custom order...? I know that APD also has some custom spec'd heyboer iron
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Cool to know Heyboer will make them to his spec. Not sure I buy 100% into the badmouthing of Joe and the business, as when they were up and running (I believe there were a couple of other partners (silent?) working with him). And as a person, I can personally vouch for his integrity. And can also say, I as well as a few other big name shops who were using them that I knew the owners of never had any issue with delivery (barring directly after 9/11, when for a few months ANYTHING and EVERYTHING coming in and out of the NYC area was delayed a bit… New Sensor was also a nightmare at the time)
That said, it’s great to hear that they can be had, (although I’d still likely reach out to Joe to make sure he’s cool with it) as they really were the best to my ears.