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Looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to get started on mine! Think I'm gonna go with a 1590xx case, cause I want a little more wiggle room in the install and more room for art on the case.


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Oh wow. Didn't even know this pedal or this board existed until seeing this. Very cool!


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Very nice! I'm looking forward to building and playing it.
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I see yer problem thoh, ye forgotten to install them watchermacalluts, 3-legged jellybeans, Traans-sisters. There's 'n missing near the jackalopes, and 'nother missinn near the bypass switcheroo, just tah right and abuv the biast trimmer.

Don't worry young feller, yee'll get ther hang uffit soo... say what? This isn't the Trouble-Shooting forum? Surface-mount? Save that talk for your kinky SMD forums...

Really though...
It's a pretty build, in a beautiful clean Bauhaus kind of way.

Now I regret not getting a faceplate when they were on sale. Maybe the next round of purchasing...


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That really appeals to the neat freak in me. I love simplicity. And keeping things clean, simple, straight. I even like that you used blue wire - so cool!

Needs more parts in there though.
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Feral Feline

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Well, that was quick!
Next round!
Thanks for the 15%-off incentive!

Got the PCB, but opted to get another PCB (different circuit) instead of the Faceplate, though. I've got an idea for a graphic that might wind up being a Tayda UV thinger.

Luckily I stocked up on the more elusive chips way back when, saving them for a rainy day... I think I just felt a drop ... yup, there's another... rain's a comin'.
I've got some THD J201s, but also ordered some SMD to keep my options covered. Not sure about the dual-ganger yet, need to search my pot stash.

Howevah, the 602 and 258 I don't have. I think that's all I'm missing.

Now the hunt for the graphic...