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Is there an ETA on the Stringer Overdrive schematic/BOM? I need to order some stuffs and I want to make sure I pick up all the necessary bits I may not have. Thanks.

EDIT: I can get by with just pot values and tapers and what devices it uses.
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This isn't "missing" build docs so much, but I have a question about the Black Tiger Boost docs. I'm working now on designing my graphic and finding that the distance between the pot and the LED is way bigger in the drill template than it physically would be with the PCB. I'm measuring exactly 50cm between the middle of the pot and the LED placement on the PCB, but is 59mm in the build docs (and even bigger on the standard 1-knob 125B that is linked to on the product page.

Am I wrong on this, or missing something? Should I just move the pot 9mm down towards the LED? I was planning on using a bigass knob for it so moving it down further is better anyway.


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The LED pads on the PCBs don't always line up perfectly with the drill template.

In some cases the leads of the LED need to be bent into position.


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I think the el sol wiring diagram needs to be updated. The pcb does not match it.
The wiring diagram is correct. Ignore the pcb layout and just look at the pads with wires coming out of them. Those correspond to pads on the el sol (and the majority of other projects). The pcb in the wiring diagram is just a generic stand in.


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How about the pharmacist build doc?

Two new PCBs to verify today then it'll be time to focus on build docs again.

Benny is correct, aside from special circumstances the wiring diagram is standard/generic in most of the build docs. The diagram image is being progressively updated to prevent confusion.