Missing Build Docs / Schematics


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Since we're not trying to revolutionize the layout of pedalboards I've corrected the labels in the drill template. Thanks for pointing that out. :ROFLMAO:

Antithesis build doc is up now.
sooo excited for the antithesis. i'm not super up on boutique-y pedals so it took me a second but finding out the original is based on the harmonic percolator made me pull the trigger instantly


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Box and All EQ build doc?? I got it boxed up, super simple build, but I cannot for the life of me figure out why I'm not getting sound. Just looking to trace the signal path since the op amp voltages are correct and I can't find any ground shorts.
Word, I'm in need of this one as well.


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Y'all got any of them schematics for the Caesar and Pendulum?
Hello, today i got my pcb for pendulum, i tried to trace it, see attached the pendulum schematics - sorry for handdraw - It is not verified, but looks OK , the LFO is like from the Cardinal tremolo v2 without the wave pot, the lrd part is similar to the moonshoot but doubled, so I think it is more-or less ok.

Hope it helps you as starting point .

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I'm putting together the parts for an old order for the son of ben preamp. Noticed there's been a new revision. Was the only change made the swapping of the B1MDual for the B2M bass pot?


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Yep, that was it. When Tayda started carrying the B2M pot I revised the board.

... but they aren't consistently in stock so I'm somewhat regretting that decision. :ROFLMAO: :cautious: