Missing Build Docs / Schematics

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I still miss the lone king and king's hand schematics. The symbolic too. Mailing over the great ocean was faster than publishing. But. How soon is now?

I think that the most practical aspect of building your own pedals is that you can modify them relatively easily to your own taste. Schemes of the circuit boards would therefore be very useful. In particular, I would like to know what the switches actually switch. Or, are them just for noodling?


08E159CD-ACAE-458B-8B77-0E7D40CCE024.jpeg D610061B-E65E-44F6-9F53-FFD82CE13E97.jpeg Ok I feel like an idiot. So with that out of the way, I have the type 2 DPDT ON/ON/ON PCB board but I think I purchased the type 1 switch. Would someone mind looking at the attached pics and tell me if this is type 1 or 2?


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I've never seen a Type 1 Taiway switch.

Do you have a DMM? If so, check and see which sets of lugs are connected when the switch is in the middle position.


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Just wondering if the Pro 10 Green schematic will be available soon. I'm having quite the feedback issue within the tone circuit that I can't seem to solve.


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Pendulum Harmonic Tremolo schematic please. I'm interested in building it, but want to be sure that I can mod it to add modes.

EDIT: Are any of the other full-featured (harmonic) tremolos still happening?
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I got [insert pcb name] last week and was wondering if you could post a build doc for [insert pcb name]. If you did I would greatly appreciate it!
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Oh absolutely, it was just curious. I’ve been stoked about this build for a while. I just got it today and noticed the part numbers are on the the board, so it shouldn’t be much of a problem. I forgot they (he?) did that.